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Direct to Implant Breast Reconstruction

Typically, implant based reconstruction is performed as a two stage procedure.  However, in select patients a single stage breast reconstruction can be performed, which eliminates the need to use a tissue expander.  This can be an appealing option because it drastically reduces the time required to complete the breast reconstruction.


Immediate direct to implant reconstruction is typically reserved for women with size A or B cup breasts that have minimal skin laxity, who have early stage breast cancer, and are not expected to receive radiation therapy.  Many of these patients are also candidates for a nipple sparing mastectomy, which when combined with a well executed immediate to implant reconstruction, can yield excellent aesthetic outcomes.

The recovery from this procedure is similar to the recovery from a mastectomy alone.  After this surgery you should expect to remain in the hospital overnight and go home with drains. 


The choice of which breast reconstruction is best can be difficult.  Dr. Dec will help guide you to choose the best reconstruction for you.


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